Linux Tutorial Series

Linux Tutorial Series – 37 – Be careful with rm

Here is the video version, if you prefer it:

In order to emphasize what can happen if you are not careful while using the rm command, I will tell you a story where I used rm the wrong way.

I was mangling with some drivers. Everything was going fine. I was deleting some files, adding some new files. Nothing fancy. However, at one point, I was a little bit distracted and pressed Enter while I had an instance of the rm command in my Terminal. With that, I just deleted some very important graphics driver files. Ooops!

Obviously, I tried to bring it back, but if you Google something like “how to restore files deleted with rm” you will find that while there are ways, they are all pretty complicated and involve a lot of hassle. That’s what happens when you aren’t careful. I had to reinstall my operating system to fix the issue caused by one accidental rm.

So, once again: Be careful with rm. rm does not forgive.

Thank you for reading!