Linux Tutorial Series

Linux Tutorial Series – 23 – Recap

Here is the video version, if you prefer it:

Today let’s quickly review the things we learned:

  • Shell is a program that runs commands
  • Commands are programs you can run with options and arguments
  • date and cal are used to display the time and the calendar (this is not so important)
  • Use Up/Down arrows to search command history
  • Use Left/Right arrows to navigate to individual characters of the current command
  • Use the clear command to clear your Terminal window
  • Exit a terminal command session with exit or press CTRL + D
  • Directories are a way to organize files
  • Files are resources that contain information
  • We talked about what to expect in the directories of a typical Linux directory hierarchy
  • Parent directory is one directory “above” your current directory
  • Absolute path names start with the root folder and proceed onward
  • Relative path names start from the folder you are currently in

Hope you refreshed your memory!

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