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Linux Tutorial Series – 196 – Things I never used in shell scripting

This is the video version, if you prefer it:

There are things I never used in shell scripting, such as sed, awk, basename etc. Since shell scripts are composed mostly of commands, the commands I never used on the command line I have never used in shell scripts as well.

I covered everything I deemed important for shell scripting, but if you encounter something you don’t understand, feel free to use Google or reference (Shotts, 2019)⁠. Although a caveat: (Shotts, 2019)⁠ seems to take the stance of “show a whole lot of features of shell scripting” where I am more biased towards “learn only the essentials of shell scripting and use other programming languages for activities other than file manipulation”. Just a difference to keep in mind.

Thank you for reading!


Shotts, W. (2019). The Linux Command Line, Fifth Internet Edition. Retrieved from Part 4 – Writing Shell Scripts

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