Dive into Deep Learning

Dive into Deep Learning is a book which goes deep into deep learning. It goes all the way from simple multi-layer perceptrons (MLPs) to generative adversarial networks (GANs). The book is divided into sections and every section has multiple chapters.

I solved about 10-20% of the exercises. There are really a lot of exercises (about 3-4 per chapter). In some of the exercises I left some TODO’s and notes to myself so that I know what to revisit when I come back to what I’ve done. I have also read the Appendix: Mathematics for Deep Learning (I read it before reading the other sections).

I think this book has a good balance of theory and practice. The authors don’t go too heavy on the math and they always provide the implementation of the math concepts. There were some chapters where I have found it hard to connect the theory and practice (such as RNNs and GANs), but maybe this was just because I was not focused.

I think this is a really good book for anyone wanting to dive into deep learning.

You can find my exercise solutions in this GitHub repository.

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