Linux Tutorial Series

Linux Tutorial Series – 130 – Updating your package list

Here is the video version, if you prefer it:

Before we go into how to install packages and related operations, let’s first establish a rule, if you will: Always run sudo apt-get update before doing any of the operations we will cover (besides removing a package).

Why is it so? Your operating system has a list of packages. Before installing any packages, it is a good idea to tell the operating system: “OK, operating system. Please check if there are more recent versions of packages available or if there are any new packages available.” (“What does ‘sudo apt-get update’ do?,” n.d.)⁠ You do so with sudo apt-get update. You need superuser permissions to run this command, hence the sudo.

Again, remember to run this command before any other package manipulation related actions besides removing a package.

Hope you learned something useful!


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