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Linux Tutorial Series – 59 – More information about regular expressions

Here is the video version, if you prefer it:

What we covered in the previous post are so-called basic regular expressions. There are two things, for those of you who are interested, to look into (alongside references for each):

  • POSIX character classes (“POSIX Bracket Expressions,” n.d.)⁠
  • Extended regular expressions (“Understanding Regular Expressions,” n.d.)⁠ (this reference covers what is covered in this article, as well as extended regular expressions)

I have personally never used regular expressions in grep because I usually want to find out if a file contains some particular word. However, I have used regular expressions in programming languages (like Python) to clean up my input, so I think you learned something useful because you will be able to use the basic regular expressions if the need arises and you have gotten an introduction to something you will probably use from time to time if you decide to write computer programs.

Hope this was useful!


POSIX Bracket Expressions. (n.d.). Retrieved January 13, 2020, from

Understanding Regular Expressions. (n.d.). Retrieved January 13, 2020, from

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